Texas Speed Magic Stick 4 (MS4) LS Camshaft


Texas Speed Magic Stick 4 239/242 .649″/.600″ Camshaft



Texas Speed Magic Stick 4 239/242 .649″/.600″ Camshaft

Used Texas Speed MS4 Camshaft pulled from a 05 6.0 LQ4 LS that was used in a Trans AM

New retail $389

*Cam Specs: 239/242, .649″/.600″, 111.5 LSA, 110 ICL

The Magic Stick line of camshafts is the most popular line of camshafts Texas Speed offers. The Magic Stick camshafts are designed to be a all out max effort camshafts for people looking to get maximum power from stock displacement engines. The Magic Stick camshafts require a high quality double spring kit such as the TSP .660″ double spring kits. The Magic Stick 4 features several upgrades over the Magic Stick 3 that helps to create a larger power band with improved horsepower & torque at virtually every RPM! The result is the most powerful LS1 camshaft we offer! With the MS4 camshaft the customer should have at least a 4000+ stall converter. Tuning will also be required in both automatic & manual applications.”